Networks, Markets and eCommerce – Fall 2010-2011

  1. Oct. 13: Course structure and assignments; What is the course about; The Web as a graph
  2. Oct. 20: Link Analysis and Web Search
  3. Oct. 27: Google Pagerank; Overview of Project modules and Policies
  4. Nov. 03: How search engines work; Universal properties of Networks
  5. Nov. 10: Universal properties of Networks; Module 1+2+3 (student presentation)
  6. Nov. 17:  Universal properties of Networks, cont.; Networks are everywhere
  7. Nov. 24: Social networks ; Clustering
  8. Dec.  1: Controlling the Information Age; Module 4+5+6 (student presentation)
  9. Dec. 8: Introduction to Game Theory
  10. Dec. 15: Auction and adAuction
  11. Dec 22: Reputation Systems and ranking manipulability
  12. Dec. 29: Applicative aspects of Auction and Reputation Systems
  13. Jan. 5:  Preparation for exams; Project confirmation and submission
  14. Jan. 12: Ranking manipulability (cont’d)

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