Some reminders regarding the exam:

1. The exam is with OPEN material, so if you believe that your material can help you, don’t forget to bring it.

2. It is very important that every student will have a calculator, it will be needed during the exam.

Best, Michal.


Comments on essays…


Hi all,

If you wish to comment on one of the essays. Do it simply as a comment to this Post. Do not forget to provide as a reference, in the body of your comment, the name and the link of the essay.


Odelya Glick wrote in her essay: XXX…this and that …I think she is very right…


eBay Project


Hi all,

I have got few emails with questions about some aspects of the procedure of the eBay project.

By now, you all got some guidance from me on each of your works. Now you are requested to complete this phase of your project and send to me by email the Kompozer file, so I can approve the submission of your final eBay Listing Page. It is important that you will submit to eBay the Listing Page no later than Thursday night(6.1.11).

Right after submission, send to me the item number of your listing page generated by eBay. Right before the auction is ended collect the statistics of your auction: number of bids, of visits, price, sold/not sold…and again send to me these details by email.

for your convenience, my email address is: dangang@mscc.huji.ac.il

If you wish, have a quick look on: ” What Makes a Good eBay Listing” presentation which I have made for you.

Good luck and enjoy!




Sample questions for exam


Some of you asked that some sample questions will be posted in advance. So, here they are. Hope it will help to the efficiency of the next class. Best of luck, Michal.

Grades for Modules


Those of you who presented modules in class, your grades (by T.Z.) can be found here. If you were part of some module and your T.Z does not appear on the list, please email us.

Special talk tomorrow


In response to the large demand, tomorrow, Einat Nitzan, an Account Strategist at Google will deliver a talk in our class about Google ad-auctions. She will cover many practical aspects that we did not cover in class. Your participation is important.

Office hours


My office hours are, as always, Wednesday before class (3:30-4:30). In case you have questions about the exam, you are welcome to visit my office. Thanks, Michal.