Assignments and Grades – General

The below assignments should be completed during the course:

  1. Module presentation; or submitting an essay to the course blog – 15 points
  2. eBay Listing Page – 15 points
  3. Contribution in class and the course blog – 5 points
  4. Final Exam – 65 points


Assignment 1 (Modules or Articles) – 15 points

a. Module presentation

Who: 4 students for each Module

What: In the third week part of the class will be divided into 6 teams of 4 students each. Each team’s role is to learn one of the modules appear in the list below. The team will prepare 15 minutes presentation to be presented in the class according to the presentation schedule . Few days later, the material that was prepared will be submitted to the course blog. We expect that each of the teams will continue with supporting the rest of the students during their work on the Final Project.

When: Module 1+2+3, week 5, Nov. 10; and Module 4+5+6, week 8, Dec. 1, Fall 2010

Administrative: you are requested to submit the presentation for approval at least 3 days before due time to Dan Gang.

List of Modules:

  1. Edit with KompoZer – see Presentation
  2. Photo and Video Sharing – Flickr, YouTube – see Presentation, contact information
  3. Marketing with WordPress and Facebook – see Presentation
  4. Buying on eBay – see Presentation
  5. PayPal – see Presentation
  6. Selling on eBay – see Presentation

* For more information on the List of Modules follow the link:
Modules Description

b. submitting an essay to the course blog

Who: each student who did not submit Assignment 1.a.

What: each student who did not  participate in one of the Modules should post a short essay in English to the course Blog. Assay should be based on published books, papers or articles appear on-line and a link of the source should be provided as a reference for further reading. Subjects for the articles might be related to one of the issues discussed in class or even by following one of the many links and content provided in our lecture notes.

When: articles should be submitted during week 4 to week 10 (Nov. 3 – Dec. 15)

Administrative: before you post the draft essay in the blog please let us examine your essay and confirm publishing. We will approve your draft for publishing or will provide remarks for modifications. Send us email to Michal: AND Dan: with short description of  your idea.

An essay should include 50 lines composed of: a paragraph or two of summary of the source; a paragraph of  your personal view; and a paragraph of how your essay related and enrich the course.


Assignment 2 (eBay Listing Page) – 15 points

Step 1 –  Initial eBay Listing Page

Who: all class – group of 3-4 students

What: In Step 1 we start with the preparation of the Listing Page for eBay. You should select an Item for sell on eBay (to exploit your and time well, try to focus already on your final choice). Use the Flickr and YouTube (from Module 2) to embed  photos and videos  into the eBay Page Layout using KompoZer (from Module 1). The eBay Page Layout is mandatory so please download it and use it as your Listing Page template. From our experience it will guide you in  achieving a successful project completion. Add the Title and an initial text (in English) and edit/format it to describe the chosen item nicely.

When: week 9, Dec. 8, Fall 2010

Administrative: Submission Guideline: send your Step 1 project by email to; attach the KompoZer file and write in the subject of the email:  Step 1; write in the body of the email your full names and your email addresses.

Remark 1: we see Step 1 assignment as an essential part of the Final Project, as such no separate grade will be given.

Remark 2: as mentioned above, you should use the eBay Page Layout. Use the  HTML file referred by the link to structure your Listing Page.

Step 2: Final Project – eBay Listing Page

Who: all class – group of 3-4  students from Step 1

What: using the guidance  in Step 1 and the various Modules presentations presented in class it should be easy to complete successfully a real working eBay Listing Page. Here are few actions you should make sure you have followed:

  • open an account in PayPal – Premier account might work well for you
  • open an account in eBay as sellers, select “Sell an Item” at an Advanced mode
  • fill the required fields and cut and paste your KompoZer html code into the right space in the eBay editor
  • do not forget to write clear marketing messages and policies, check what other sellers do in eBay and “adapt” good ideas
  • use eBay Labs tools to find good keywords and the right title for your Listing Page.

When: week 13, Jan. 5, Fall 2010

Administrative: Submission Guidelines

  • DO NOT SUBMIT THE LISTING PAGE WITHOUT APPROVAL! on Jan. 5, 2011 in class we will confirm each work or you will be asked for last modifications – wait for the final approval, please.
  • after approval you will Submit your Listing Page to eBay, then eBay will generate a listing page link that you should transfer to Dan Gang
  • send an email to:; attach the final KompoZer file and write in the subject of the email: Final Project; in the body of the email write your full names and your email addresses and the link generated by eBay
  • all listing pages should be running for 5 days

What after?

We are probably going to select few works to be presented informally in the class during the last class gathering on week 14, no any special preparation is needed from your side for this aim…


Assignment 3 (Contribution) – 5 points

Who: each student

What: participation in asking questions, providing your feedback and insight in the class and in the course blog will be positively accepted and will be subjectively judged.

When: during all course


Assignment 4 (Final Exam) – 65 points
In Spring 2010 the exams in this course were included 5 questions were 4 questions were related to the algorithmic aspects and one was an open question about the eCommerce markets. Students could choose to answer 4 questions out of 5. Class material was allowed for use during the exam. Students achieved high Grades, typically.
We are not sure that this format will be followed this year. More details will be discussed further at later stage.


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  1. eitan cesark says:

    CPC and CPM ads on google

    A few weeks ago we spoke about the main publication types, and how they are implemented in Google: pay-per-views and per click. link attachment with how Google implements the two methods of advertising.

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