eBay Project

Hi all,

I have got few emails with questions about some aspects of the procedure of the eBay project.

By now, you all got some guidance from me on each of your works. Now you are requested to complete this phase of your project and send to me by email the Kompozer file, so I can approve the submission of your final eBay Listing Page. It is important that you will submit to eBay the Listing Page no later than Thursday night(6.1.11).

Right after submission, send to me the item number of your listing page generated by eBay. Right before the auction is ended collect the statistics of your auction: number of bids, of visits, price, sold/not sold…and again send to me these details by email.

for your convenience, my email address is: dangang@mscc.huji.ac.il

If you wish, have a quick look on: ” What Makes a Good eBay Listing” presentation which I have made for you.

Good luck and enjoy!





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  1. Latonia Budzik says:

    there are so many things that you can on ebay…

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