Assignments Slight Modifications

Hi all,

For your convenience I put here a list including slight modifications of the Assignments. Please refer to the Assignment Page of this blog for complete instructions.

1.  Module 4+5+6 presentations were shifted in one week from week 7 to week 8, Dec. 1, Fall 2010

2.  Recall that essays should be submitted during week 4 to week 10 (Nov. 3 – Dec. 15). Before you post the essay in the blog please let us examine your draft  and confirm publishing. We will approve your draft for publishing or will provide few remarks for modifications. Send us both an email (to: AND with a short description of  your idea.

3. Assignment 2 (eBay Listing Page) can be submitted by groups of 3-4 students (instead of 3). Step 1 (initial project) was shifted from week 8 to week 9, Dec. 8, Fall 2010

Best, Dan


One Response to Assignments Slight Modifications

  1. odelya says:


    I am look to join a group for the Ebay task.

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